Leak Off Test Simulator 2.0

Leak Off Test Simulator 2.0



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This app provides a graphical very useful tool for training of Technicians, Drillers, Toolpushers, Drilling Engineers, Students and others professionals of the oil & gas industry to simulate a leak-off test.

About the Leak-off Test on drilling operations:
A test to determine the strength or fracture pressure of the open formation, usually conducted immediately after drilling below a new casing shoe.

For new features, report bugs, improvements and suggestions please contact us: contact@wellcontrol.com.br

- For well control simulation, use another app "Well Control Simulator".
- For kick tolerance analysis, use another app "Kick Tolerance";
- For methods to control, use another app "Well Control Methods";
- For drilling simulation, use another app "Drilling Simulator";
- For hydraulic calculations, use another app "Drilling Hydraulics";

These tools can complement (work with) this simulator by importing /exporting data files which can be used in this application;


1) Panel with the following parameters: pump pressure, choke pressure, mud pump speed, strokes totalizer, flow rate, mud weight and volume;
2) Intuitive graphical interface: Instruments with pointers to the parameters: DP pressure, choke pressure and open/close hydraulic choke;
3. Graph Options:
- Pressures DP / Choke and Volume Pumped versus Pumping Time;
- Pressures Dp/ Choke and Pumping Time versus Volume Pumped;
4) Panel with alarms: pump failure, bop failure and bop status;
5) Toolbar with buttons: Data File, Well Config, Restart, Ranges, Set Alarms, Graph Limits, Pause/Continue, Restart, Set BOP, Send by email, about;
6) Set drill string with drillpipe1, drillpipe2, heavy-weight, drillcollar1 and drillcollar2;
7) Select floating rig or land rig;
8) Select unit systems: Metric, SI, Oilfield and others (mix). Select units also per parameter;
9) set fluid parameters: mud weight, plastic viscosity, yield point and initial gel;
10) Select rheological models: Power or Bingham;
11) Set gradients: absorption and fracture;
12) Set jet nozzles or fixed TFA;
13) Set choke parameters and BOP test pressure;
14) Vertical or Slant Well Type (KOP, TVD and Measured Depth);
15) Set surface circulation equipments (mud pump and lines);
16) Save configuration to data files;
17) Select circulation options: drillpipe -> riser and drillpipe -> choke, Close/Open (Hard shut-in) the well;
18) Reset alarms: pump failure: max pump speed, max pump pressure and max pump power;
19) Register the pressures at the kill speed ;
20) Show schematic of well with drillstring;
21) Shut-in the well using hard method;
22) Circulation on slow rate (kill speed);
23) Useful for filling of Standardized Kill Sheets for Well Control;
24) Useful for Filling of Previous Recorded Sheets;
25) Analysis of the Choke Line effects in Maximum Choke Pressure;
26) Analysis of the Effect of porosity and permeability on absorption curve;
27) Simulation of the Leak-Off Test operation and Graphical Analize of the Leak-Off Test
28) Capacities and Volumes calculations;
29) Hydrostatic and critical pressures calculations;
30) Hydraulics calculations;
31) Printing and email attachments with retina display ;
32) Selection of units also per parameter;
33) Ability to import well data from other apps;
34) Ability to use the iPad on landscape position on all views;
35) Recalculate DP as necessary to surface automatically with bit on bottom when editing BHA or Well Depth;


These tools & materials are provided 'as is' without warranties of any kind, express or implied.
Please verify the tools provided by this application by yourself before you use them. Ensure you understand the impact of using these tools.
Any use you choose to make of these tools & materials is undertaken by you entirely at you own risk.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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